Sponsor: Mr. Hartmann

Chess Club will be held on Fridays from 2:30 until 3:50pm.  We will play, practice, and learn from early October until near the end of the school year.  There will be a 4pm bus scheduled each practice day to take kids home.  We will NOT meet on Fridays when there is a scheduled fun night.

The Helfrich Park chess club welcomes all students - sixth, seventh, and eighth grade - of all abilities.  We do ask that students know how each piece moves before coming to the club.

We host the Helfrich Park Fall Scholastic Chess Tournament in November.  We also host the Scholastic Chess of Indiana's Regional Tournament in January.  This tournament qualifies the top players to participate at the state level in Indianapolis.

Please see Mr. Hartmann in Room 211 if you have any questions.  We will also post many reminders about Chess Club on our morning announcements.